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Electric Fencing

New Certificate Requirements For Electric Fencing

Regulation 12 of the Electrical Machinery Regulations 2011 imposes an obligation on the user of an electric fence system to have a certificate of compliance. The requirement does not apply to a system installed prior to 1 October 2012. 

However, this certificate will be required where an addition or alteration is made to the system or where there is a change of ownership of the premises on which the system exists, if change of ownership takes place after 1 October 2012. 

The electric fence system certificate is separate from an electrical compliance certificate and is therefore an additional requirement if the property has an electric fence system. It will also be necessary to include an appropriate clause in Sale Agreements concluded after 1 October 2012 if there is an electric fence system on the property.

 A transfer registered after 1 October 2012 therefore triggers the obligation to provide a certificate. It will thus be necessary to arrange for an electric fence system certificate if an electric fence system exists on a property that is in the process of being transferred. 

The certificate is however transferable: Once it has been issued, there is no need to obtain a new one upon change of ownership.